James Cooper BA (Hons), PGCE

James Cooper BA (Hons), PGCE

Senior Manager and Development Lead

James leads our Bayberry Cottages programme – managing day to day activities and programme delivery, overseeing client care and supporting the staff team. He is also the lead developer and ongoing facilitator and trainer for our new online support service – an intrinsic part of our new programme at Bayberry Cottages.  This facility allows clients to spend shorter periods of time in residential treatment and to be supported on a longer basis from home and online – providing a much-needed service for people with work, domestic and caring responsibilities that cannot commit to longer inpatient treatment.

James is a post-graduate qualified teacher and has been working in the post-16 education environment for the last 8 years. As an educator, he is highly experienced in modular learning delivery, curriculum development and supporting people with their individual learning needs. He provides a calm, empathic and encouraging presence – helping people to connect with their own journey in an engaging way. James is also a musician and supports creative activities at Bayberry with our own music interpretation workshops, which have proven very popular with clients.

As part of his continuing professional development, James is completing a Masters degree in Psychology, and has a special interest in addiction, social pressure, and environmental influences on emotional well-being.

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