Dr Daniel Cooper PhD (Neuro), BSc (Hons) (Biochem.)

Dr Daniel Cooper PhD (Neuro), BSc (Hons) (Biochem.)

Neuroscientist & Novel Technologies Lead

Dan is Bayberry’s neuroscientist, working in-house full time with psycho-education and the development of novel technologies to support innovative recovery methodologies. He holds a first class degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Neuroscience. He is a published researcher and presented his work at the prestigious global neuroscience conference ‘Neuroscience 2019’ in Chicago, having also presented in Dublin in 2018.

He has a special interest in environmental factors relating to mental and emotional wellbeing and has studied the neurological effects of enriched environments on long term wellbeing. He is an engaging and personable scientist with a wealth of information that is delivered in a contextual and relevant style to help support clients in their understanding of the neural mechanisms of the mind and help to engender a sense of self determination and personal volition.

Dan is also heading our in-house novel technologies lab for Manor and Meadows – working with pioneering bio and neurofeedback technologies to provide engagement and long term support for clients in a technological arena that has become an inherent part of daily life.


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Experience Recruits MSK1 to Expand the Dynamic Range of Synapses and Enhance Cognition (2020)

The influence of sensory experience on the glutamatergic synapse (2021)

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