Bayberry Orchard House

Bayberry - Orchard House

Orchard House has been part of the Bayberry family for nearly a decade. This is the place we started our journey and it’s been a ‘home from home’ and much loved part of the recovery journey of many, many people.

A place of safety and tranquility, a place of good humour and shared emotion. A place where lifelong friendships are formed and lives are strengthened and renewed. A bright, sunny, comfortable, spacious house with extensive gardens and woodlands within a quaint village just 2 minutes from Bicester Village and 20 minutes from Oxford.

With longstanding team members from the Bayberry family managing this service, we’ll be welcoming clients who need detoxification and treatment for alcohol and substance misuse (note: opiate detox and mental health services are managed by our Meadows and Manor services).

We offer an exceptional package of support for 6 weeks’ treatment, including detox if required:

  • Fully inclusive of all accommodation, food, support and care plan
  • A safe and supportive environment with round the clock staff team and excellent care.
  • All private rooms (none shared)
  • A large house situated within extensive gardens and woodland
  • Continuing Aftercare provided for one year following discharge (on successful completion of 6 week programme)
  • Abstinence based community with strong peer group links
  • Part of the Bayberry family – the trusted name in caring, quality treatment and recovery services

Shorter stays are also permissible.


Can I book by the week?
A minimum stay of two weeks is required and the first two weeks are non-refundable. Further weeks can be booked on a week by week basis, however we recommend booking/payment for all required weeks in advance to ensure the continued availability of the bed.

Can I just book for 4 weeks?
Yes, of course. The prices for weeks 1 to 4 will apply. But please note the benefits of a 6 week stay which include aftercare.

Do I have to share a room?
No, all of our rooms are single occupancy. We also have four larger rooms that can be booked for a small extra weekly fee.

We have en suite facilities available at our Manor, Cottages and Meadow’s facilities, however clients at Orchard House will share bathrooms.

How many clients are in treatment?
Orchard House treats up to just 9 people at any one time, meaning there is a small group dynamic. The programme is provisioned around this structured group environment.

What about aftercare?
Aftercare is provided for all clients who successfully complete a six week programme at Orchard House. Aftercare is provided in a group setting, once per week.  Aftercare is not available for clients completing shorter programmes or if discharging early from treatment. Where aftercare is not included we can offer continued support on a pay on use basis if required.

What is therapy like?
We offer a daily, timetabled programme of group work and activities, facilitated by our team. Usually three or four evenings a week we attend AA or NA meetings. Saturdays are slightly more flexible to allow some reflection time and relaxation. Sundays are provisioned for family visiting (afternoons, 2pm to 5pm).

Can you guarantee that therapy will work?
No one can guarantee that, as every person is an individual. However, each person staying with Bayberry has chosen to be there and is making a voluntary choice to address harmful behaviours in their lives. We think that’s a great place to start and we’ll do everything we can to support that positive choice for the future.

How quickly can I/my family member admit to Bayberry Orchard House?
We admit most days, subject to bed availability. We can secure a bed for a particular date with payment of a non-refundable deposit, which is then applied to the balance of the stay on admission.  Please contact Melanie on 0800 690 6366. She’s available to take your call from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.


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