Bayberry – Orchard House

Bayberry - Orchard House

Bayberry – Orchard House is our Extended Therapeutic Community, providing Secondary and Extended Care facilities in the heart of rural Oxfordshire.

Orchard House has been part of the Bayberry family for over five years.

This is the place we started our journey and it’s been a ‘home from home’ and much loved part of the recovery of many, many people.

A place of safety and tranquility, a place of good humour and shared emotion. A place where lifelong friendships are formed and lives are strengthened and renewed. A bright, sunny, comfortable, spacious house with extensive gardens and woodlands within a quaint village just 2 minutes from Bicester Village and 20 minutes from Oxford.

With longstanding team members from the Bayberry family managing this service, we’ll be welcoming clients who need:

Secondary Care
Following primary treatment and often an essential part of the transition back to normal life, the length of stay is tailored to each individual.

Extended Therapeutic Community Living
For those needing the additional support that’s provided by an abstinence based therapeutic community, Orchard House is the ideal environment. A caring, on site clinical team with a real empathy and engagement with clients, providing tailored support, encouragement and personal development related to each individual’s personal journey to wellness.

There is no cap on the length of time that an individual can stay at Orchard House – everyone is unique in their journey and we adapt accordingly. The community supports socialising, activities, family visits – and continues to support the treatment programme with one to one sessions, group sessions, house meetings and other therapeutic activities.

Prices start at £680 per week and are:

  • Fully inclusive of all accommodation, food, support and care plan – at highly competitive rates that support long term stays.
  • A safe and supportive environment with round the clock staff team and excellent care.
  • All private rooms (none shared)
  • A large house situated within extensive gardens and woodland
  • Weekly secondary and extended care programme of group work and therapy
  • Own cars /phones/WiFi all permitted as appropriate
  • Outside activities encouraged and supported
  • Ongoing education and vocational training/retraining encouraged where appropriate *
  • Visitors allowed (within community rules)
  • Outside visits allowed and encouraged
  • Mentoring Support and Continuing Aftercare
  • Abstinence based community with strong peer group links
  • Part of the Bayberry family – the trusted name in caring, quality treatment and recovery services

* Participation in education or training, outside the programme, such as college courses or specialist courses are payable directly by the client to the institution concerned.

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